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I have really enjoyed all the time we’ve spent together the past three months and some of you are getting really close to a major breakthrough. How exciting.

I want that for every one of you. That is my goal and commitment to you.  Together we are going to make you a very successful real estate investor.

You’ve also heard that “Practice makes perfect”.  Well…. that isn’t necessarily true.  Practicing the wrong thing over and over won’t ever make you perfect.  You have to learn what to practice from someone who’s been there before you.

Anyone who really makes a overwhelming success of themselves had a coach to help make sure they were practicing the RIGHT things and NOT practicing what would keep them from success.

That is what I’m here for. This Private Treasure Club is specifically designed to be a very inexpensive way for you to practice ONLY the RIGHT things on your journey toward the top of the real estate investors pile.

For only $49 per month, until you don’t think you need it any more, I am here to help you any way I can. Here’s what you’ll continue getting. Consider this your ongoing Doctorate-level life education and on-demand real estate mentoring.. It includes…

  • Videos from the Coach’s Corner with all the best and latest investment strategy tricks and tips.
  • Access to my Members Only Private Treasure Club training webinars and future Q&A calls
  • Interviews with real estate and personal growth experts that will keep you motivated toward success.
  • My Private Email 1-on-1 support, usually answered within 24 hours but most often much sooner.
  • Updates on software, spreadsheets and sample contracts and agreements as they are updated.
  • Anything else I find in the world of real estate investing that I can help you with… it’ll be there.

Only $49 per month for peace of mind knowing Peter is with you the whole way!

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do it on your own (you may be able to but it will cost you a lot in trial and error that I’ve already learned for you). Let me take you by the hand and walk you through your deals.

Renew your membership now.

To Your Success,

Peter Harris

P.S. You can cancel any time with a simple email. You only need to stay a member until you’ve become the real estate success you know you can be. I am here to help that happen. Renew Now.