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I’m so glad you’re here! Together… with your desire to be financially independent and with what I’m about to give you right now, things are about to change for you.

I’ve taught on stages with Robert Kiyosaki and co-authored books for Donald Trump. But none of that satisfies me like teaching someone who wants to learn and watching it transform their financial future. That excites me.

The fact is, I’ve made enough money actually doing what I teach that I don’t need to teach anyone. But I was once where you are wanting to know more so I could change my circumstances and it is extremely rewarding to be able to help you now.

Grab this mini-course and treat it like gold because it isn’t one of your typical give-away freebies that you’ll find other places.

My 7 Day Golden Agreement Strategy Mini-Course has 8 great step by step videos that can take you from broke and hopeless to something completely different in very short order if you follow the steps as I show you.

The Mini-Course will show you:

o       How the Golden Agreement Strategy works and how powerful a strategy it is.

o       Exactly how to find the perfect properties that will work with the Golden Agreement.

o       How to reduce your personal risk to virtually zero.

o       How to make the perfect offer… step by step.

o       You’ll get answers to some of common seller objections so you’re ready in advance.

o       You will find out the best way to structure your deals for success.

o       How to deal with real estate agents who want to get in the way.

o       How to complete the deal locking in your claim on the treasure.

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If you’re not on on Facebook or Twitter and want to enter for the Free copy of my Home Study Course, you can enter by emailing 5 of your friends to tell them about the Free Golden Agreement Strategy 7 DayMini-Course. Then email me at  info @ with “GAS Course Giveaway Entry” in the subject line and in the email put the text of the email that you sent to your friends. Good luck!

See you in Day 1 of the Golden Agreement Strategy 7 Day Mini-Course!